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December 21, 2012 is the End of a Cycle

Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization's End
By Lawrence E. Joseph

Spirituality Pours from Nature’s Altar

Prospects for Apocalypse

Where Hides the Spirituality of Men?

Envisioning Your Soul

How Can we Embrace Changing Times


How Can We Embrace Changing Times?

Henry Reed

Professor of Transpersonal Studies

Atlantic University


It’s the Spirit that Heals

Like a light bulb going off, when I first encountered the principle in the Edgar Cayce readings about the importance of a prayerful attitude when employing any therapeutic procedure, I experienced a revelation about healing—it’s the spirit that heals, not the material in the medicine. Today, as the materialistic conception of all reality is beginning to evaporate in favor of the recognition of the immaterial, the invisible, the energetic, or vibrational nature of things, spirit is gaining recognition.

The times are Changing

“The times, they are a changin’…” sang Bob Dylan. Yet the truth of the matter is, change has been a constant, for life itself requires it. Yet, we humans, who are a part of life, have difficulty coping with change. Some paradox. What Bob really means is, these times are changing a lot. My grandmother (now in spirit) told me how she went from riding in a horse and buggy to watching a man walk on the moon. These past decades have seen change unprecedented in recorded history. Change occurs over time, and the length of the time intervals affects what kind of changes occur.

Is there a New Consciousness Emerging?

Earth changes are happening and so seems to be consciousness. The idea of an apocalypse is paired with the idea of a Messiah. The Edgar Cayce readings refer to the Christ Consciousness. Unlike the image given in traditional Christianity, the return of Christ is, according to Cayce, to be something that people experience inwardly rather than it being a worldwide media event regarding celebrity news. Cayce gave a description of Christ Consciousness that didn’t’ refer to any one being, but rather was more like a state of mind.

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